We deliver personal fitness training in your own place of residence. In-home exercise is preferred by our clients, it’s convenient, time efficient and we are passionately committed to give you our best each time and every time.
Our Active Outings get you and your friends moving in a fun environment. Shannon will plan an active lifestyle event to get together outdoors, go dancing or plan a recreational activity.
We provide a safe and effective transition from physical therapy to home-based and community exercise. We’ll help carry out the instructions of your healthcare provider while providing you with support and guidance.

Welcome to the Central Coast's mobile fitness service solution. Our personal training and exercise programs are individually designed to meet each individual’s wellness goals. We are known for our expertise in training mature midlife adults and older adults. We specialize in targeted exercise programs with a specific focus in prevention and treatment of chronic medical conditions. We are dedicated health and fitness professionals and are passionate about our work. Shore Senior Fitness is completely mobile and will schedule sessions at your home or place of business.


We specialize in helping older adults stay active, mobile, strong and independent!


  • Improved flexibility, and range of motion
  • Better balance and mobility
  • Fall and injury prevention
  • Enhanced circulation and metabolism
  • Increased confidence, mood, and feeling better
  • Improved sleep
  • Extend independence

Shannon’s Fit Tips


The last thing I wanted to do when I retired was more exercise ! Shannon educated and encouraged me to continue my fitness journey as long as I can. I am so GREATFUL for all she has done for me.
Jerry Hoff
Shannon is one of the most energetic senior fitness guru’s I’ve ever known! Not only does she have tremendous knowledge of the body,but she also knows how to safely assist seniors is staying physically fit, balanced, and enjoying their retirement years. Her workouts are anything but boring! She sings, laughs, and makes it a joyful journey into fitness.
Cindy Hamann, Life Enrichment Director
I have one word to describe Shannon, Fabulous ! She is one of the most patient and positive people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Carol Dunn
It was nice to work with Shannon because you could tell that she had a genuine interest in people. People loved come into the Fitness Center to talk with her, get advice, get a hug. She inspired a lot of people to do more for their health.
Irene Tabaloc, Occupational Therapist
Shannon will not give up on YOU ! There may be times when your sick and you miss a few appointments, it happens. But, she is always so encouraging that you just want to get better quickly, so that you can get back to work.
Alice Parveen
Shannon made fitness fun for the seniors. Even if they were having a bad day, they would still exercise because they enjoyed being with her.
Geena Jose, Physical Therapist